Urban faucet maker Aquabrass released its new 2019 catalogue. Filled with the trendiest designs yet, their latest collections are simply irresistible. Eager to find out what’s new? Textured finishes, adaptable features and installations, these are just a few of the novelties to discover, not to mention that the most stylish finishes are now stock, while other emerging color finishes are available through custom orders. Whether it is for a bathroom faucet, a full shower revamp or the kitchen faucet, your dream designs will come through with the Aquabrass 2019 product offering.

The catalogue also includes a wellness section offering the most fascinating rainheads, allowing you to step into your shower and enjoy an authentic spa experience, where you can uplift, unwind or simply get away.

All products can be viewed on aquabrass.com. For additional information, you can contact your local AD Waters rep.